A Combat-Disabled, Veteran‑Owned Business
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A Combat-Disabled, Veteran‑Owned Business

About Big 6

BIG 6 was created with a simple goal, how can we develop something that would protect the most important part of our lives…our children? Jeff and JC decided to use their extensive knowledge in mliltary experience and construction to develop the most innovative invention that will offer protection in the case of an Active Shooter incident or even in the case of a tornado.

Our amazing team is ready to show you everything you need to know about the VAST6.

The BIG 6 Team

Mr JC Brown

President and Chief Executive Officer / Partner


  • Graduated Falls College in Architectural Design 1964
  • US Army Vietnam Disabled Veteran
  • Worked as a Military Contractor on Security
  • Projects Until 1979 (Some still Classified)
  • Started his own business in 1979 to design, develop, and sell many security products to both U.S. and NATO Forces.¬†Sold the business to employees and retired in 2009.
  • Continues to design and sell products for security and industry
  • Has over 30 US Patents with registration in US, Canada, Mexico, Israel, South Africa, European Union, and England
  • Currently working on several projects, focusing on product design and distribution

Mr. Jeff Carson

Vice-President and Director of Product Development / Partner

  • Served in the US Navy during the Vietnam era with the Naval Security Group
  • Received his BS degree in Law Enforcement, Jacksonville State University in 1977
  • Entered active service in the US Army as Military Police Officer in 1977, retired in 1995. Assignments included:
    • Installation Physical Security Officer and Traffic Investigation Officer
    • Test and Evaluation Officer at Cold Regions Test Center
    • Deputy Provost Marshal
    • Chief, Combat Systems Branch, Directorate of Combat Developments
  • Obtained his Masters of Arts degree in Business and Organizational Security Management, Webster University, 2001
  • As Senior Security Analyst and Project Leader, worked for Computer Sciences Corporation as contractor support to Directorate of Combat Developments, US Army Military Police School, focusing on the development of new physical security and tactical security products for DoD from 1995 to 2013.
  • Trained, equipped, and served as Operational Commander of Special Reaction Teams for two installations
  • Attended Serious Incident Supervisor Course and Commanders Course on Hostage Negotiations at Northwestern University
  • Member of American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International

US Patents and Trademark Issued | Israeli Patent Issued

Active Shooter Security

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Tornado Safety

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Find out more about the VAST6 and how it can protect the most important part of our lives...our children!

920 Christopher Rd
Campobello, SC 29322
Mon - Fri 09:00 - 17:00 EST
Weekends Closed