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Vast6 FAQs

It takes less than 30 seconds to fully deploy and be ready-to-enter.

Yes at the teacher’s or supervisor discretion, however, the comfort level and support supplies may be insufficient for longer time periods.

Yes as long as the paint is a high-quality enamel paint.

Yes. Recommend securing any attached items at both top and bottom and maybe even the sides. Locate any attached items where they will not interfere with the operation and controls of the VAST6.

The ballistic material has several advantages over ballistic steel products. First, the ballistic material on VAST6 will not cause the bullets to ricochet but will absorb them, making the overall environment safer. The second advantage is the ballistic material is lighter for the same protection level of steel products. Third reason is this ballistic material has no electrical conductivity. The fourth reason is there is no radio or cellular electronic signal blockage due as stated by the ballistic material manufacturer, however, VAST6 may have some signal reduction due to its steel frame components.

No. The ballistic material does have a One Hour Fire Rating per ASTM E119-98 so it does not burn as fuel and slows the transfer of heat. The steel frame will not burn but can become dangerously hot to touch. The last element is the VAST6 is not an air-tight sealed system so smoke can enter the shelter.

No. Federal policy does not allow FEMA to approve, endorse, certify, or recommend any products. While a product may be in compliance with FEMA design guidance, any language from manufacturers stating their product is “FEMA approved” or “FEMA certified” is incorrect.

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No. FEMA does not verify or certify design calculations for any product. The design professional who signs the certification attests that the product in question will meet the requirements specified on the certification. The design professional should be licensed in the State in which the product will be used. Note that any product must be properly installed for its intended use(s) only.

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No. Federal policy does not allow Federal agencies to endorse, approve, certify, or recommend any contractors, individuals, or firms. Any contractors, individuals or firms who state they are “FEMA approved” or “FEMA certified” are incorrect. 

Please contact your State emergency management agency for information on becoming certified by your State to build safe rooms. The contact information for State offices and agencies of emergency management can be found by clicking on the hyperlink below. There is no Federal certification.

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